Advanced Technology,
Superior Imaging

Precise 3D layouts, high quality images, digitized walkthroughs, and fast turnovers all require high grade technology. To capture the clearest and most accurate details, the right tools are needed. That’s why Executive Virtual Tours has invested in some of the best mobile mapping equipment to ensure superior quality and quick returns.

Our hardware streamlines the process; making us quick and efficient when scanning your location.

Gold Skyline

The winner of multiple industry awards, our cutting edge technology is the fastest and easiest way to scan a large building, structure, or environment

We use and specialize in the Leica BLK2GO Scanner and Leica software. A handheld imaging laser, BLK2GO is fast, mobile, and captures the surrounding environment seamlessly. With a detail oriented 12 MP camera and a small dual axis LiDAR with superior accuracy, this ultra portable device is the best in its class. The BLK2GO can produce colourful point clouds and real-life measurements.

The BLK2GO offers a sweeping 360º field of vision which scans 420,000 points per second. Effective in both indoor and outdoor applications, this technological phenomenon is a multi-faceted solution that is user-friendly and can scan within minutes after set up.

LiDAR Slam


The BLK2GO identifies different surfaces and unique geometry in the LiDAR data, which it analyzes to calculate its 3D position.

Visual Slam


Three panoramic cameras identify similarities between consecutive images to calculate the scanner’s movement through 3D space.



While you walk, the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) senses your movement to calculate the change of position in 3D space.

Producing ease, convenience, and fast turnaround times for project efficiency

With a single button being the only feature needed to control the BLK2GO, it doesn’t get much easier or convenient to operate. Simply turn it on, walk through the area, and the BLK2GO then captures millions of precise dimensions to reproduce the environment virtually. The BLK2GO dramatically minimizes planning time due to its efficient setup and easy to use functionality. This results in a streamlined process with fast turnaround times.

Its smooth and lightweight design give it freedom of movement which makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications – everything from construction and 3D modelling, all the way to architecture and virtual reality.