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What is Executive Virtual Tours?

We are an all-in-house local company, working from Calgary, AB. We do 3D images and digital walkthroughs for many different markets.

What are the benefits of using Executive Virtual Tours?

We use a handheld scanner for quicker turnarounds that still give top quality products.

How does the camera work?

We use a Leica BLK2GO camera. It uses different technologies to help build a 3D digital replica of a space.

BLK2GO’s GrandSLAM technology combines LiDAR SLAM, Visual SLAM and an IMU to deliver best-in-class handheld mobile mapping performance. Gain speed and confidence when capturing large indoor, outdoor, underground, complex andmulti-level spaces.

The BLK2GO identifies different surfaces and unique geometry in the LiDAR data, which it analyzes to calculate its 3D position.

Three panoramic cameras identify similarities between consecutive images to calculate the scanners movement through 3D space.

While you walk, the IMU (Internal Measurement Unit) senses your movement to calculate the BLK2GO’s change of position in 3D space.

What is your turnover / time frame?

Usually within 24 hours. Time can very, this can change due to project and size.

How does the process work? Start to finish...

Once we have established a connection and discussed when and where the scanning will take place, I will arrive with my camera to location. I will then scan all desired parts of location; from there I will place scans on my laptop to build a digital version of your space. Finally, I will send you your link or file for your use.

What kind of costs are involved?

Typically, we charge by square foot. In some situations, we will change by job depending on market.

What markets can I use your product in?

We help people is all different markets such as but not limited to Real estate, Vehicle sales, Condo boards, Property Management, Insurance, Tourism, Tourist Attractions, New/Custom builds and Architecture.

When are you available?

I am available through appointments made by email or phone. Regular hours would be 9-5 Monday thru Friday, however I could be more available through appointments.

Can I trust this service/product?

If there are any concerns, we will guide you through the process and have you view some of our products and discuss any questions you may have.

Are there discounts?

10% off fifth project within the month, 15% off tenth project within the month

Do you offer a referral fee/credit?

Yes! For each referral you will receive 5% off your next project.

What experience does Executive Virtual Tours have?

I, Dylan Hanley, have two years’ experience using laser scanners in the oil and gas industry. I would scan different sites and then design and draft different pipe systems to be installed.

How large is Executive Virtual Tours?

Currently we are very small with just one employee.

Can I only get this service in Calgary?

We currently serve Calgary and surrounding area. However further locations can be done, there is a travel fee involved.

How do we receive the final product?

The final product will be placed on a online storage and you will receive an iframe code or embed on your page. Can also be placed on thumb drive depending on use of product.

What is a 3D scanner?

A 3D scanner is a device used to capture images to create a 3D digital replica.

What is a digital walk through?

A digital walkthrough is like walking through a space but on your computer or device.